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Only card from the Neo series allowed, meaning Genesis, Discovery, Revelation, and Destiny. However, Energy from previous series as well as the Mysterious Fossil card are allowed.

Pokemon: 24

x4 Chikorita (Lv 12) (Genesis)-Despite having lower HP, it is the more defensive Chikorita, as Deflector halves damage done. Needed for evolution.
x3 Bayleef (Lv 39) (Genesis)-10 more HP than the other Bayleef and a better attack. Probably won't be using its first attack very often though. Needed for evolution.
x2 Meganium (Lv 57) (Genesis)-In my opinion the best card to come out of the Neo sets. It makes each Grass energy count as TWO Grass Energy. That means if I have both of my Meganium out there, it just takes one energy to use what would normally take four energy. It also has a four for 40 that puts my foe to sleep (without need for a coin flip).
x3 Caterpie (Discovery)-A one for 20 attack. Needed for evolution.
x2 Metapod (Discovery)-Hatch is a great attack for evolution, as it fully heals Metapod and then evolves it.
x1 Butterfree (Discovery-With Meganium (one) out, its first attack is a one for 20 that with a successful coin flip can give the foe the status condition of my choice. With only another energy, I can use an attack that becomes more powerful the more energies my foe has and also heals Butterfree. It can work with one Energy with both Meganium are out. Fighting resistance and no retreat also!
x2 Pineco (Destiny)-Sadly the more reliable Pineco. Needed for evolution.
x1 Dark Forretress (Destiny)-For one energy (with Meganium out) does 60 damage. If I used its first attack the previous turn I might not even KO myself. It hits hard when I need to weaken something bulky, such as Typhlosion. It also takes down Feraligatr in one hit.
x4 Scyther (Discovery)-With Meganium out, I can be doing 10, 20, 30, 50, or 90 damage all with one Energy. Add that to 60 HP and Fighting resistance and I put in four of these guys.
x2 Heracross (Genesis)-If I have both Meganium out, it can have a chance at 60 damage for one Energy. Or 60 for two with only one Meganium. 60 HP basic.

Trainers: 21

x1 Lucky Stadium (Destiny)-Card drawing. Also takes care of any Stadium cards my opponent has in play.
x4 Pokemon Breeder Fields (Revelation)-Gets me my evolutions, be they of the Meganium or Butterfree line.
x4 Mary (Genesis)-Card drawing that won't deck me.
x4 Gold Berry (Genesis)-Great card for healing.
x4 Professor Elm (Genesis)-Card drawing.
x2 Focus Band (Genesis)-For a way to get Heracross at 10 HP so its Megahorn can do 120 damage.
x2 Pokemon March (Genesis)-Gets me my basics, either for evolution or for a strong presence at the start with Scyther and Heracross.

Energy: 15

x15 Grass Energy-Needed.

This deck is centered around Meganium. Because of its Pokemon Power, I barely need any energy in my deck, so I can add more Trainers and Pokemon. The Trainers are mainly card drawers to help me get my Meganiums. The Pokemon are designed to hit hard with Meganium supporting them.

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