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Only cards up to Neo 3.

Pokemon: 21

x3 Abra (Rocket)-Bulkier than the Base set Abra. Evolves into Kadabra.
x2 Kadabra (Base)-Evolves into Alakazam. Although it still has a solid three for 50.
x1 Alakazam (Base)-The core card of the deck.
x2 Chansey (Base)-Able to get 110 damage counters on it. I can then use Scoop Up or Pokemon Center and just remove that damage.
x3 Mr. Mime (Jungle)-My main offense. Since only a few Pokemon (such as Nidoking) are able to take him down in one hit, combined with Alakazam he is pretty much invincible. His Meditate attack is also solid.
x2 Erika's Clefairy (Lv 17) (Gym)-Evolves into Clefable. It also has an okay Energy Search attack.
x1 Erika's Clefable (Gym)-With a lucky head flip, I get a Scoop Up for any Pokemon I want. Really nice.
x3 Sabrina's Psyduck (Gym)--It evolves into Golduck. It can do 20 for one energy though. But still, that isn't the reason why I have it. Just for evolving.
x2 Sabrina's Golduck (Gym)-Great attack. It removes one damage counter from each of my Pokemon and then places them on the Defending Pokemon. That is a solid defense and attack rolled into one.
x2 Tentacool (Fossil)-Each turn this guy can return to my hand. This means that I can Swap two damage counters onto Tentacool and then just remove them when it goes back into my hand.

Trainers: 19

x1 Ecogym (Neo 1)-Gets me back my energies. Also gets rid of any Sprout Tower Stadium cards my opponent might have in play.
x4 Scoop Up (base)-Brings back Chansey into my hand.
x4 Pokemon Center (Base)-Heals all my Pokemon with damage counters. I put the damage counters onto Pokemon with no Energy, then I get them all removed with no Energy lost.
x3 Computer Search (Base)-Gets me my Alakazam and anything else I might need.
x3 Item FInder (Base)-Gets me back any Trainer I need such as Scoop Up, Pokemon Center, or Super Energy Retrieval.
x2 Super Energy Retrieval (Neo 1)-Gets me back energies I lost from Computer Search, Item Finder, or fainting.
x1 Switch (Base)-Gets my Alakazam out of there if it is brought in by Gust of Wind.
x1 Erika's Kindness (Gym)-I can spread my damage out so I get the most healing, while the damage of my foe will most likely be clumped on one or two Pokemon. It helps them a bit, but not enough.

Energy: 20

x13 Psychic Energy-Needed
x3 Water Energy-For my Golduck to attack in case I don't have any damage counters on me.
x4 Double Colorless Energy (Base)-To help out Chansey and Clefable on the offensive front.

Undefeated back in the day.

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