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Only cards up to Neo 3 are allowed, because otherwise I have too few cards from future sets to do much. For the sake of ease, we'll just say I have four of every card (it isn't too far off from the truth). I have more than sixty of every type of basic energy. Also, for promos, you probably won't need to worry yourselves about them, as plenty of them aren't all too great. So I'll just say the ones that matter. I have two Promo Mewtwo and three Promo Mew.

Pokemon: 20

x4 Rocket's Hitmonchan (Gym)
x4 Blaine's Mankey (Gym)
x2 Gligar (Neo 1)
x4 Hitmonchan (Base)
x2 Hitmonlee (Fossil)
x1 Aerodactyl (Fossil)
x2 Swinub (Neo 3)
x1 Piloswine (Neo 3)

Trainers: 20

x2 Mysterious Fossil (Fossil)
x4 Super Energy Removal (Base)
x4 Gust of Wind (Base)
x1 Resistance Gym (Gym)
x4 Pluspower (Base)
x2 Challenge (Rocket)
x1 Pokemon Center (Base)
x2 Scoop Up (Base)

Energy: 20

x16 Fighting Energy
x2 Full Heal Energy (Rocket)
X2 Recycle Energy (Neo 1)

Pretty much a mono-fighting type deck. However, that means it has a little Haymaker going there. Mainly it focuses on powerful Basics getting in at the start and causing damage right away. Hitmonchan is the classic Fighting type. 70 HP and a one for 20 attack. I have to have four of these guys. Blaine's Mankey can help me stall while I set up my Basics for their more powerful attacks. It can also hit fairly decently with Fury Swipes and it has no retreat cost. Gligar is a nice 60 HP Basic with no retreat cost. It also resists Fighting, which can give me an advantage against other Fighting type decks. Rocket's Hitmonchan has a nice 60 HP and a great first attack which can be used to take down heavy hitters. It also has a three for fifty attack and only one retreat cost. Aerodactyl gives me a chance in the mid to late game by stopping my opponent from using evolutions. Since my deck is mainly basics, this won't trouble me much. Piloswine is for before Aerodactyl or after it goes down. It gives me the evolution power I'll need at that point, with an 80 damage attack. Hitmonlee has a nice 60 HP, only one retreat cost, and a good three for 50 attack. I never go anywhere without my SERs. They've made me win too many battles for me to use any less than four. Gust of Wind allows me to bring in a weak Pokemon they're building up for evolution and take it down quickly. Resistance Gym allows me to take down decks with Fighting resistance. Don't worry, I won't use it if I'm up against a Fighting type deck, as I'll need Gligar's resistance. Pluspower allows my basics to hit even harder than before. Hitmonchan can do 30 damage for one enrgy with a Pluspower. And that is a lot for a card back then. Challenge is either a Bill or it fills out my bench with basics, great for this deck. Pokemon Center and Scoop Up can be used to help heal up my basics. Since they don't run on many Energy, they can easily start attacking again. Full Heal and Recycle Energy are way too useful to not use. Recycle can be used as a constant source of energy, and I love it with my SERs. Full Heal has gotten me out of a few situations. I'm paralyzed and about to go down, I slap on a Full Heal and take them down instead. This happened many times, so I always carry a couple around.

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Hmm, this reminds me so much of the mono-water deck I ran for the longest time.
Okay, let's see how I do here.

First time answering a TCG question! (Yayz )


I'm going to start with a point on the Mankeys.
Blain's Mankey used to be a favorite of mine, as I always brought a few trick coins to the table.
Even with that in mind, I would still say considering Hitmonlee ( Undaunted ) would be advised.

A hefty retreat cost, yes. Although, 1 energy gives it that convenient 20 powered move. ( Guaranteed ) And the reliable 80 HP is really nice for a basic pokemon.

Inserting 1 or 2 of these in replacement for 1 or 2 Mankeys will allow some variety into your deck.

Also, if you only replace 1 Mankey from your deck. Using a Primeape card is a good solution in place of a second Mankey.


This is the one from the EX FL and LG series, and my favorite.
It's also the one that I think would blend best with your deck.

While hitting hard coming out with your basics is always vital, Being able to stack a few energies down on your Mankey, evolving it into Primeape, and already having a evolved pokemon arise from the bench is a great advantage not to give up too soon.


That's about it.

All of your option cards look in place, and I can't say much about the rest of the deck.
Besides obviously, that it looks great.

  [1]: http://www.serebii.net/card/undaunted/52.jpg
  [2]: http://www.serebii.net/card/exfireredandleafgreen/28.jpg
I used to have that Primeape card, though I lost it :(
I would also like to note that I have no idea what the time periods I comParison to neo 3 are with the cards I reccomended.
I hid your answer for these reasons:

Neo 3 was one of the earliest releases. It went:

Rocket (well base 2, but those were all cards from the first three sets)
The two Gym series: Heroes and Challenge
Neo 1 (Genesis)
Neo 2 (Discovery)
Neo 3 (Revelation)

Also, Primeape cannot evolve from Blaine's Mankey. Only a Blaine's Primeape could and I don't think that exists. It at least doesn't exist before Neo 3.
Oh, that sucks.
Should have had more info. Might re-answer when I have the hour or two to think up some suggestions from what you've given me.
reminds me of my over 100 hp fake deck i got at a flea market for 5 dollars
I unhid J98's answer and turned it into a comment for the reason that it was good, just didn't fit my criteria. So an example answer.

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