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[email protected] Lens
Role: Rain Lead/Tank
Trait: Drizzle
Nature: Sassy (-Spd, +SpDef)
EVs: 252 Def, 252 SpAtt, 4 SpDef
-Hydro Pump
-Focus Blast
The stratagy here is simple: put them to sleep, then attack at will. The Zoom Lens raises those bad accuracy moves, and the speed hindering nature lets the Zoom Lens and his instant weather activate.

[email protected] Sludge
Role: Tank
Trait: Aqua Dish
Nature: Timid (-Att, +Spd)
EVs: 4 SpAtt, 252 SpDef, 252 Spd
-Toxic Spikes
-Acid Spray
Barrier raises its defense, Acid Spray lowers the opponents SpDef.

[email protected]
Role: Another Tank
Trait: Multiscale
Nature: Modest(-Att, +SpAtt)
EVs: 252 Hp, 4 Def, 252 SpAtt
The three attacks work well with rain, Roost works well with his ability.

[email protected] Sash
Role: Physical Sweeper
Trait: Swift Swin
Nature: Adament (-SpAtt, +Att)
EVs: 252 Att, 4 Def, 252 Spd
-Stealth Rock
-Stone Edge
-Aqua Jet
Your Classic Swift Swim sweeper, and I needed him to set up rocks.

[email protected] Clay
Role: Double Screener/Magic Bouncer
Trait: Magic Bounce
Nature: Timid (-Att, +Spd)
EVs: 4 Hp, 252 SpAtt, 252 Spd
-Light Screen
-Giga Drain
It doesn't gain anything from rain, but I needed some support.

[email protected] Specs
Role: Special Sweeper
Trait: Lightningrod
Nature: Timid (-Att, +Spd)
EVs: 4 Hp, 252 SpAtt, 252 Spd
-Volt Switch
-Ancient Power
-Hidden Power (Ice)
This thing really doesn't have much type coverage, but it resist Grass and Electric which is always good on a rain team. Hidden Power Ice is for dragons.

I'm up for editing or replacing any pokemon on this team. What I want/need is some better type coverage, a Healer, a Phazer, a Rapid Spinner, and a Ghost type to stop rapid spinners.

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- 4 Pokemon weak to Electric
- 3 Pokemon weak to Rock

Not trying to be mean or anything, but this is more like 6 Pokemon put together. It's not working functionally as a team, so wins will be less frequent. Why not try something like Swampert, which resists  both Rock and Electric which might give your team some trouble? It also gains a boost from the rain, which is a definite plus.
But if he adds Swampert, 3 Pokemon will be weak to Grass, 2 having a 4x weakness.  Also If Politoed faints, Kabutops is screwed by Virizion. I would Bronzong instead, by getting no weakness in the Rain. Also, Zapdos can take Electric Type hits with Lightningrod, but the Ability hasn't been released..
Did I see a Zoom Lens on that Politoed.....?


A. Zoom Lens doesn't increase accuracy, that's Wide Lens.
B. Wide Lens + Low acc attacks isn't even that good here anyway.

Here are a few sets to try out...

[email protected]
Modest Nature
252 Sp Def, 252 Hp, 4 Sp Atk

Ice Beam
Sleep Talk

This is a more defensive Politoed. It's super hard to take down if someone can't KO you in 2 shots. ( Including leftovers healing you back up, to make it even harder on your foes!  )
Scald gets STAB, and Rain boost. Burn chance makes physical foes easier to handle. Ice Beam covers grass and dragon, mainly. Also covers other types that water can't even hit neutrally. Rest + Sleep Talk gives you healing, and a chance to attack while asleep.

Or, you could use an offensive toed...

[email protected] Life Orb
Timid Nature
252 Sp Atk, 252 Speed, 4 HP

Hydro Pump / Surf
Ice Beam
Focus Blast
Psychic / Hypnosis

This set can utilize those crappy accuracy moves, but they really don't need to waste an item slot trying to fix their accuracy. Take a chance, tbh. Which of course, options like Psychic and Surf are also very useable.

Or you can go with a still offensive variant, but more speedy.

Politoed @ Choice Scarf
Modest Nature
252 Sp Atk, 252 Speed, 4 HP

Ice Beam
Focus Blast

Dead on. Hit fast and hard. Choice Scarf gives that nifty speed boost, then you can spam your hyper charged STAB and your useful coverage.

NOW! Use one of those sets so I don't have to correct those bad toeds, please. :3
@ PB: You're right, I just chose Swampert to resist Electric and Rock. Bronzong would be better.
Heres a suggestion how about a swift swim Beartic
Since DB tiers no longer exist, Swift Swim is banned in OU.

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