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[email protected] leftovers (Lead)
Nature: Bold 92 hp, 136 defense, 144 spAtk, 136 spDef,
Ability Drizzle
Perish Song
Ice beam

Persish song prevents any pokemon from setting up to sweep. After a perish song Protect burns off a turn and i can then switch to an apropriate counter between my Gliscor, Ferrothorn or Tentacruel. Scald is to burn and get residual damage. Ice bean is for type coverage against Grass types who try taking me out if it ever comes to it. With the bulk of this set I believe can live any unboosted grass attack.

[email protected] sludge (special wall and rapid spinner)
Nature Calm 156 hp, 198 spDef, 148 spAtk, 8 speed
Ability: Rain dish
Toxic spikes
Hydro pump
Rapid Spin

His job is to get rid of hazards for the entire team. Especially Stealth Rocks for Dragonite. Protect stalls For rain dish and black sludge recovery while any pokemon who switches in gets poisoned. Hydro pump is so i wont be taunt bait and to get some damage.

[email protected] orb (Defense wall)
Nature Impish 104 hp, 248 defense, 108 sp def, 48 speed
Ability Poison Heal
Ice Fang

Sub/protect is for stalling. Ice fang is for other gliscors. Checks and counters Dragonite and Salamence, and terrakion as well as other Gliscors if i can outspeed. A big problem i had when using this set is being to slow to set up a sub. I dont know what evs i should take away to add to add to speed.

[email protected] (Steal rocker, leech seed, wall)
Nature Impish 100 hp, 220 def, 188 spDef
Ability Iron Barbs
Leech Seed
Steal Rocks
Power whip

Like most other Ferros its job is to leech seed stall along with getting damage from the toxic spikes. When i can get this to work The damage racks up unbelievably quick.

[email protected] berry (Physical Sweeper)
Nature Adamant 252 hp, 52 attack, 204 speed
Ability Multiscale
Dragon Dance
Brick Break
Dragon claw

A typical Dragonite set but it works so well. It counters and checks poison heal brelooms that give ferro a hard time as it resists both of its STABS. Its a perfect switch in, most Brelooms users would predict the switch and go straight for spore. I let my ferro fall asleep, switch to my DNite and i can set up dd's and hopefully get a sweep off late game. Roost is for recovery since this set is meant to be bulky. A common counter to this is Skarmory. Im thinking of using thunder punch instead of brick break just to counter it. IF it wasnt for skarmory i would run earthquake instead of brick break.

I really cant decide who to use for my last pokemon. Im wanting to use a ghost to prevent someone from rapid spinning my hazards. I tested Sableye and Dusknoir and they didnt work to well. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Please tell me what you think and anything i can do to make it better, thanks in advance (:

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not dusclops? eviolite dusclops is better than dusknoir.
You need to have all 6 Pokemon.
Yeah Dusclops and Sabeleye actually work very well as far as stalling goes. I have a set for sableye Torment, Mean look, Substitute and recover that i like to use. Im looking for a more offensive ghost type though that can also take hits.
just saying instead of perish song you should use yawn cause it forces them to switch unless they want there pokemon to go to sleep :P soo yeah that's all i gotta say

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