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This is an AG/ZU Trick Room Team that sucks but I want to do it for the laughs and for the trolling, and I was like, why not do a trick room team? All my Pokémon have 0 IVs in speed to optimize trick rooming. Also, side note, I may have too many trick Room setters so if you could tell me what the optimal amount is, that’d be great!

[email protected] Life Orb
Brave Nature
248 HP/252 Attack/8 SpD
Ability: Frisk
Trick Room (of course)
Power-Up Punch (boost the attack)
Zen Headbutt (STAB)
Rock Slide/Foul Play? (Help with this last slot I’m not sure honestly)

This Gothitelle will surprise everyone due to it being a physical attacker, and I was like this would be a great troll! It’s also my premier trick Room setter because Gothitelle is well-known for the trick Room.

[email protected] Leftovers (not sure if this the best item to give Avalugg)
Modest Nature (it’s slow enough)
252 HP/252 SpA/4SpD
Ability: Sturdy (not sure if this is prime ability for it)
Ice Beam (STAB)
Surf (Good move, deals with rocks and fires)
Flash Cannon (deals with rocks and other ices, as well as pesky fairies)
Hidden Power Psychic (need to deal with fighting)

This is something no one would expect, and because of its shallow special attack move pool, these are literally the only moves I can give it, but they’re not that bad..

[email protected] Razor Claw
Modest Nature
248 HP/ 252 SpA/ 8 SpD
Ability: Sniper
Sludge Bomb (STAB + poison)
Signal Beam (STAB + confuse)
Psychic (good move, deals with other poisons and puts the hurt on pokes with low SpD)
Giga Drain (heal the HP when I’m low)

I’ve always loved the idea of a special attacking Ariados, and now I can live the dream! Sniper is also another part of my trolling, because the crits I get with this guy are NASTY, which is also why I have razor claw. This guy is POWER.

[email protected] Leftovers
Sassy Nature
252 Defense/ 4 SpA/ 252 SpD (want to maximize defenses for the ultimate troll)
Ability: Pressure (good troll ability)
Trick Room (my other setter)
Toxic (now whats a troll without toxic?)
Hex (double the damage with toxic)
Taunt (laughs in face of other trolls)

No but seriously, I actually need help with this move set, as I don’t think it’s fully taking advantage of the trolling dusknoir could do, so if you have any ideas to change this move set, go right ahead with this one. But you can see I just want to be tanking hits and toxic everything in my way.

[email protected] Assault Vest
Modest Nature
252 HP/ 252 SpA/ 4 SpD (like what even is this?)
Ability: Sturdy (because her other abilities won’t work with this set)
Ancient Power (STAB + small chance of raising stats)
Earth Power (the STAB that actually matters)
Flamethrower (deals with grass and steel types, and chance of burn)
Hidden Power Grass (deals with water and ground types)

These are my childhood dreams come true. When i was little, I didn’t know the difference between attacks, and I just always put the strongest attacks, or coolest looking ones, and flamethrower was literally put on every Pokemon I had that could learn it, including a golem I had with an adamant nature.. anyways childhood stories aside, this golem actually has decent special attack with a modest Nature and
Full special attack evs, but it’s special attacking move pool is shallow, so this is all I really have.. but I’d still love improvements! but wait till you see my last Pokemon...

[email protected] Life Orb
Brave Nature
252 Attack 124 Defense/ 132 SpD (I know, you’ll see)
Ability: Reckless
Swords Dance (uh-oh..)
Head Charge (STAB)
Wild Charge (catching on yet?)
Earthquake (no more recoil moves, :(

This thing is a monster! She has 400 Attack with no boosts, and after one swords dance, WITH Reckless, and WITH Life Orb, literally everything in her path is dead. Don’t cross this angry bull..

Overall, that’s my team, and I think it’s among the weirdest teams I’ve ever created, but I love it so much. All these Pokemon are close to my heart, so I’d rather you not take out Pokemon, but if you think I HAVE to, then I guess so. This is a showdown team so everything can be altered. Thanks again, and enjoy! If you wanna go against this team just for fun, my showdown name is Darksamurott37 (exactly like that)


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