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Only cards from Diamond and Pearl, Mysterious Treasures, Secret Wonders, and Great Encounters are allowed. However, Energy cards from previous sets are also allowed.

Pokemon: 20

x3 Electabuzz (SW)-A 70 HP basic with resistance to Steel. Thundershock is a decent one for 10 that can paralyze. Thunder is an alright three for 60. Needed for evolution.
x2 Electivire (SW)-Discharge is powerful, three energy gets me up to 150 damage. And then the energy I discarded can be recovered by Motor Drive, making Electivire faster than most of the discard all energy Pokemon. Resistance to Steel never hurts.
x1 Electivire Lv. X (MT)-Adds on another 20 HP to Electivire.Then it gives it a sweet ability in Shocking Tail, putting two damage counters on any Pokemon my opponent attaches an energy to. Pulse Barrier can also be pretty good, a two for 50 that if my opponent has any Pokemon Tools or Stadium cards out they get discarded and then Electivire does not take any damage or other effects my opponent's next turn.
x4 Voltorb (SW)-Has a one for 20 attack and resistance to Steel. Needed for evolution.
x3 Electrode (SW)-Ion Blast is great. Usually a two for 40, I can make it be a two for 100 when I am low on HP and am about to be taken down. Then Electrode becomes an energy thanks to Energy Shift, making it useful in defeat. It also has resistance to Steel and no retreat cost. A great Pokemon.
x2 Electrike (MT)-60 HP and resistance to Steel. Electromagnetic Jam is a decent one for 10 that can stop my opponent from attaching energy to the Defending Pokemon. Needed for evolution.
x1 Manectric (MT)-Lightning Twister is a decent 20 times the number of energy attached to Manectric attack. Chain Lightning is the main attraction of Manectric. An amazing three for 70 that does 20 damage to each of my opponent's benched Pokemon of the same type as the Defending Pokemon. Incredible. Also has resistance to Steel and no retreat cost.
x4 Farfetch'd (SW)-A 60 HP basic. The main point of Farfetch'd is that Fighting resistance, to help my deck deal with Fighting types. It has nice attacks though. A one for 30 attack that can be a one for 60 with Swords Dance.

Trainers: 18

x4 Rival (D&P)-Gets me cards.
x4 Roseanne's Research (SW)-To get me Pokemon and Energy.
x4 Team Galactic's Mars (SW)-Drawing and puts a random card from their hand to the bottom of my opponent's deck.
x4 Leftovers (GE)-Healing.
x2 Warp Point (D&P)-A Switch and Gust of Wind in one card.

Energy: 22

x22 Electric Energy-Needed.

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