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Only cards from Diamond and Pearl, Mysterious Treasures, Secret Wonders, and Great Encounters are allowed. However, Energy cards from previous sets are also allowed.

Pokemon: 22

x4 Zubat (MT)-Resistance to Fighting. Needed for evolution.
x3 Golbat (MT)-A nice one for 30 attack that lets me look at my opponent's hand. Add on Fighting resistance and no retreat cost and we have a good Stage 1. Needed for evolution.
x2 Crobat (MT)-When put into play it gives one of my opponent's Pokemon bad poison. Crobat also has a two for 50 that can hit any of my opponent's Pokemon. Has Fighting resistance and no retreat also.
x3 Ekans (GE)-A 60 HP basic. Needed for evolution.
x2 Arbok (GE)-When the foe is poisoned Deadly Poison is a one for 50, which is great. If they aren't Poisoned, it is a one for 10 that Poisons them. Wrap is an alright one for 50 that can paralyze.
x2 Croagunk (MT)-A 60 HP basic. Needed for evolution.
x1 Toxicroak (MT)-My oppoent can't remove Poison through evolving thanks to Toxicroak, which helps out Crobat and Arbok. And it helps out Toxicroak, seeing as it has a two for 30 that Poisons.
x2 Cresselia (GE)-An 80 HP basic. If I have a Stadium out Moon Twinkle is a one for 10 that heals me by two damage counters. Lunar Dance is solid. By discarding two energies, this three for 50 attack also heals fully one of my benched Pokemon.
x1 Cresselia Lv. X (GE)-An excellent card. It adds 20 HP to Cressalia first of all. Full Moon Dance is a good Pokemon Power, healing one of my Pokemon and damaging one of my opponent's Pokemon. Even if it is only one damage counter every one of my turns, every little bit helps (as proved by Gengar in Fossil). Then we have Moon Skip, an incredible three for 40 that if it KOs my foe lets me take an extra prize.
x2 Lugia (SW)-A 90 HP basic with Fighting resistance. Silver Wing is a solid one for 20 that can return an energy to my opponent's hand. If the Defending Pokemon has no energy then Psychic Destruction becomes a three for 120, which is very powerful.

Trainers: 16

x4 Warp Point (D&P)-A Switch and Gust of Wind in one card.
x4 Bebe's Search (SW)-Gets me Pokemon.
x3 Pluspower (D&P)-To make my Pokemon do more damage.
x2 Roseanne's Research (SW)-Gets me Pokemon and Energy.
x2 Team Galactic's Mars (SW)-Drawing and puts a card in my opponent's hand to the bottom of their deck.
x1 Moonlight Stadium (GE)-Makes my Psychic type have no retreat cost and also improves Cresselia's Moon Twinkle.

Energy: 22

x22 Psychic Energy-Needed.

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