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Only cards from Majestic Dawn, Legends Awakened, Stormfront, and Platinum are allowed. However, Energy from previous sets are also allowed.

Pokemon: 22

x3 Gastly (Stormfront)-Can stop my opponent from playing trainers and has a Normal resistance. Needed for evolution.
x2 Haunter (Stormfront)-Smog poisons the foe for no energy. Hoodwink is a one for 30. I can put up to three Trainers into my opponent's hand with it also. This might seem like something I would never use (since I get the choice whether or not to give them trainers) but it actually is good set up for Gengar. Of course, I would be careful as to what Trainers I give. Also has Normal resistance. Needed for evolution.
x1 Gengar (Stormfront)-Fainting Spell is a great "take down the foe with me" Poke-Power. It has the chance to KO the foe when Gengar is KOd. Shadow Room is nice, a one for 30 to any Pokemon. One for 60 if that Pokemon has a Pokemon Power, good for taking down those Pokemon who stay on the bench using a Pokemon Power. Poltergeist is a decent attack that does 30 damage times the number of Trainers in my opponent's hand. Gengar also has Normal resistance and no retreat cost.
x3 Mewtwo (MD)-A 90 HP basic. For no energy I can attach two energy from my discard pile to Mewtwo. This works great with Recover, which discards an energy to remove six damage counters from Mewtwo. Mewtwo also has a three for 60 attack.
x1 Mewtwo Lv. X (LA)-Adds on 30 HP. Psybarrier prevents any damage that would be done by an unevolved Pokemon to Mewtwo. Giga Burn is a three for 120, with the energy being able to be recovered easily by Mewtwo.
x2 Grimer (Platinum)-A 60 HP basic. Needed for evolution.
x1 Muk (Platinum)-100 HP. Strange Poison is a good two for 30 that either poisons the opponent or poisons Muk. Have I lost my mind? Of course not. Muk when affected by a Special Condition gets some nice benefits. First of all it heals off two damage counters between turns. Since Poison only does one damage counter, this means I heal off an extra damage counter. Strange Sludge also gets to be a three for 70 that confuses.
x2 Azelf (LA)-A 70 HP basic. Time Walk is very nice as I always hate it when a Pokemon I really need end up being prizes and I can't get them until later. This lets me get them and put something like an energy in its place. Lock Up is decent, a one for 20 that prevents the opponent from retreating.
x1 Azelf Lv. X (LA)-Adds on 20 HP. Makes it so all my Psychic types (my whole deck) have no weakness, which is really nice since a lot of them have a x2 weakness. Deep Balance is also a great attack, it does to one Pokemon for one energy 10 damage times the number of energy attached to all of my opponent's Pokemon, which is great.
x3 Giratina (Lv. 55) (Platinum)-A 100 HP basic with resistance to Normal. Let Loose can be good for getting more hands in my hand and lowering the number of cards in my opponent's hand. Earth Power is a very powerful three for 60 that has me flip two coins and does to all of my opponent's benched Pokemon 10 damage times the number of heads.
x2 Seviper (Platinum)-An 80 HP basic. For no energy it can heal off four damage counters. Bite and Escape is a one for 20 with a Switch effect. Paralyze Poison is decent, a three for 40 that poisons and possibly paralyzes.
x1 Deoxys Normal Forme (LA)-A 90 HP basic. Energy Crush is a good two for 20 that does 10 more damage for all energy attached to all my opponent's Pokemon.

Trainers: 18

x4 Warp Point (MD)-A Switch and Gust of Wind in one card.
x4 Energy Link (Stormfront)-Used to move energy from Mewtwo mainly to my other Pokemon.
x4 Great Ball (Stormfront)-Gets me basics.
x3 Buck's Training (LA)-Drawing and a Pluspower effect.
x2 Marley's Request (Stormfront)-An Item Finder pretty much.
x1 Miasma Valley (Platinum)-Removes any Stadiums my opponent has in play. And of course, the actually effect of the card, doing damage to my opponent's basic Pokemon and allowing them to be easy pickings.

Energy: 20

x20 Psychic Energy-Needed.

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