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Leftovers l Serene Grace l Careful Nature
E.V. Spread: 252 Hp; 224 SpDef; 32 Spd
-Body Slam
-Iron Head
-Stealth Rock

Fast special sweepers are in the field? Body Slam + Iron Head. Other team members suffering from previous damage? Wish them.

Leftovers l Water Absorb l Bold Nature
E.V. Spread: 248 Hp; 252 Def; 8 SpDef

Being that the metagame so offensively orientated now, having two Wishers is a nice defensive core not to be underestimated. While Hp recovering is Vaporeon’s first priority, it has some other roles. First, he’s a great Phazer, as his defensive capabilities let him come in and Roar out any greedy stat upper. Second, he can scout the opponent simply Protecting. Third, he is a nice Burn inducer: should the opponent have a strong physical attacker, let Vaporeon in and Scald, it will eventually be able to cripple him.

Choice Band l Justified l Adamant Nature
E.V. Spread: 4 Hp; 252 Atk; 252 Spd
-Close Combat
-Stone Edge
-Quick Attack

It’s just too easy to come in, select the appropriate move and watch the enemy’s Hp drop down. In fact, Terrakion’s role in the team is exactly this: score those crucial KOs that ease life to the other team members, opening up for a potential sweep. I choose to run Quick Attack because it’s really useful when it comes to kill faster pokemon at red health (it’s the best option IMO)

Choice Scarf l Levitate l Timid Nature
E.V. Spread: 4 Hp; 252 Sp.Atk; 252 Spd
-Draco Meteor
-Hidden Power Fire

I didn’t like Latios, until I tried this set out and I realized how wrong I was. This set is what makes it so threatening. Latios is one of the most versatile Choice Scarf users. It has three main roles in this team:
-Revenge Kill: (the most obvious). Latios comes in and wreaks havoc with STAB Draco Meteor, then switches out.
-Weather counter: since weather is a crucial part of the current metagame, Latios stands out as a great weather abuser. In rain Steel type Pokémon like Ferrothorn are weaker to Surf, while in Sun Grass types are nailed by HP Fire. (Latios also happens to resist Fire and Water type attacks, letting it come in more easily)
-Wall crippler: Switch Latios in response to their Blissey, Trick Choice Scarf, you get the idea.

Life Orb l Magic Guard l Quiet Nature
E.V. Spread: 192 Hp; 64 Def; 252 SpAtk
I.V. Changes: 0 Speed
-Trick Room
-Focus Blast
-Shadow Ball

Does it even need explaining? Three words, Late-Game-Sweeper.

Toxic Orb l Poison Heal l Impish Nature
E.V. Spread: 252 Hp; 184 Def; 72 Spd
-Sword’s Dance

A great physical sponge, since some top offensive Pokemon are walled by him. It can also be a great physical attacker, after a SD it reaches 452 attack. His main role is to take out Steel types that could stop Reuniclus' late sweeps. Poison Heal, paired with Protect, is a great way to recover Hp, as well as making him a good status absorber. As for the attacking moves, EQ is obvious and Facade hits levitating things nearly as hard as EQ thanks to Poison.

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