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Only legit cards please.

Pokemon: 23
x4 Larvatar (HGSS-Unleashed, #50)- Needed for evolution.
x3 Pupitar (HHSS-Unleashed, #38)- Needed for evolution.
x2 Tyranitar Prime (HHSS-Unleashed)- Awesome card. Damages each of my opponents non-dark pokemon. A little harder to build up, but it can sweep non-EX pokemon.
x4 Darkrai EX (BW-DE)- Free retreat for each of my pokemon. And doing a total of 120 damage, 90 to active, 30 to bench, for 3 simple energies is great!
x3 Houndour (COL)- Needed for evolution.
x2 Houndoom (COL)- Takes down my weakness with a total of 80 damage, or 20 for a regular pokemon. Still only for 1 energy. And Dark Roar, 50 for 2, discards a card in my opponents hand.
x3 Scraggy (BW-DE)- Needed for evolution.
x2 Scrafty (BW-DE)- This guy helped me so much at my tourney. It can sweep for 3 energies, doing 70 damage and can discard an energy attached to the defending pokemon.

Trainers, Supporters, and Stadiums: 20
x4 Dark Claw- Helps me by doing an extra 20 damage.
x2 Flowershop Lady- Good for getting energy and some pokemon out of my discard pile.
x4 Pokemon Communication- To get the right card when I need it.
x2 Pokemon Catchers- Brings up my opponents weaker pokemon to take out and get a easy prize card.
x4 Cherens- Drawing. Very useful.
x2 Pokemon Collector- Gets 3 basic pokemon.
x2 Prof. Oak- To get a new hand when my current one is trash.

Energies: 17
x4 Special Darkness Energy- I wish I can have more then 4 of these. Adds an extra 10 damage to my opponent, and with Dark Claw, thats an extra 30 in addition to whatever the attack does.
x13 Dark Energy- Needed for attacking.

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First off the Pokemon. For the most part they are fine. But the Darkrai are the problem I see. Remember they are EX cards and you lose two prizes for having them KOd. As such I'd narrow down the number to two. Now you're good.

Next are those Trainers. Let's take out those Rare Candies, because faster evolution is not nearly as good as what you get from other Trainers or from having more energy. We'll also take out two of the Dark Patches, because the next Trainer I am about to add is better for this deck I think. We'll add in two Flower Shop Lady, for use with Tyranitar. This card gets back both Energy and Pokemon, and so is more useful.

Now add in four more Dark Energy and you're good.

Edit: Well, since you edited your team after my chat suggestions... Still take out two Darkrai and add in two Hooligans or two Professor Elm's, your choice. Prof is good since you have a fair number of evos in this deck. Hooligan can be useful if you are lucky with coin flips.

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