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Only cards from Rising Rivals, Supreme Victors, Arceus, and HeartGold SoulSilver are allowed. However, Energy cards from previous sets are also allowed.

Pokemon: 21

x3 Seedot (RR)-Astonish is a decent one for 10 that shuffles a card in my opponent's hand back into their deck. Also has Water resistance. Needed for evolution.
x2 Nuzleaf (RR)-Blind is a decent one for 10 stall attack. Also has Psychic resistance. Needed for evolution.
x1 Shiftry (RR)-130 HP and Psychic resistance. Unlucky Wind is great as all my opponent's coin flips are treated as tails. I would hate to have that used against me. All my luck would not matter. Conform is a decent two for 40 that confuses the foe if both of us have the same number of cards in our hands. This works great with Copycat. Seal Off is nice, a three for 60 that stops the Defending Pokemon from using any Poke Powers or Bodies my opponent's next turn.
x4 Carvanha (RR)-Whirlpool is a nice one for 10 with a chance at energy removal. Also has Psychic resistance. Needed for evolution.
x3 Sharpedo (RR)-Energy Shark is nice because whenever Sharpedo is damaged it has a chance at retaliating with energy removal. Crunch is a solid two for 20 that has my attacks do 40 more damage my next turn. Sharp Fang is a decent three for 60 attack. Also has Psychic resistance and no retreat cost.
x2 Absol G (SV)-A 70 HP basic with Psychic resistance. Feint Attack is a decent one for 20 that can hit any Pokemon and ignore resistance and such on that Pokemon. Doom News KOs the foe at the end of my opponent's next turn. This is an excellent attack to use when Absol G is about to go down. The Energy attached to Absol goes back to my hand and I get to take my foe down with me.
x2 Absol G Lv. X (SV)-Adds on 30 HP to Absol G. When I play it I flip three coins and for each heads I put a card in my opponent's hand into the Lost Zone. Darkness Slugger is a solid two for 30 that can do 30 more damage if I discard a card from my hand.
x4 Darkrai G (RR)-A 90 HP basic with Psychic resistance. Darkness Sleep is a decent three for 50 that puts the foe to sleep if it has damage counters on it. EerieAura is good. It puts one damage counter on each of my opponent's Pokemon that is asleep between turns.

Trainers: 18

x4 Copycat (HGSS)-Drawing and for use with Shiftry.
x4 Moomoo Milk (HGSS)-Healing.
x4 Professor Elm's Training Method (HGSS)-Gets me evolutions.
x2 Pokemon Collector (HGSS)-Gets me basics.
x2 Palmer's Contribution (SV)-Gets back Pokemon and Energy into my deck.
x2 Fisherman (HGSS)-Gets Energy from my discard pile back into my hand.

Energy: 21

x21 Dark Energy-Needed.
x4 Darkness Energy (Neo Genesis)-Energy that increases the power of my Pokemon.

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