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Only cards from Diamond and Pearl, Mysterious Treasures, Secret Wonders, and Great Encounters are allowed. However, Energy cards from previous sets are also allowed.

Pokemon: 18

x4 Murkrow (MT)-A 60 HP basic with Fighting resistance and a zero energy attack that gets me more Murkrow. Needed for evolution.
x2 Honchkrow (MT)-I just need Honchkrow to have the Energy to use the attack and I can have Murkrow go around just using Dark Wing Flaps without any energy at all. And it is a 50 damage attack that shuffles a card in my opponent's hand into their deck. Of course, Honchkrow can also use this for three energy. But why bother when I can have an army of Murkrow doing it? Also has Fighting resistance.
x1 Honchkrow Lv. X (SW)-Adds on 20 HP and has it so Honchkrow has no retreat cost. Now my little Murkrows can for no energy hit any Pokemon for 40 damage (or Honchkrow can use it for two energy) and can use Darkness Wing, a 60 damage attack that if I KO the foe with it lets me put into my hand any card from my discard pile. Honchkrow can also use this attack but for three energy.
x3 Sneasel (D&P)-A 60 HP basic with Psychic resistance. Double Slap can do 20 damage for one energy.
x2 Weavile (D&P)-Nasty Plot is solid, allowing me to search my deck for any card and put it into my hand. Dark Pulse for three energy does 10 damage times the number of Dark energy attached to all my Pokemon, meaning it can do up to 230 damage. Also has Psychic resistance.
x2 Darkrai (Lv. 40) (GE)-An 80 HP basic with Psychic resistance. Darkness Roar can act as a Gust of Wind at the right times but the main point of using this Darkrai over the other one is Sleep Hole, which does 80 damage for three energy if the Defending Pokemon is Asleep.
x1 Darkrai Lv. X (GE)-HOLY S##T!!!!! THIS CARD IS AMAZING!!! First of all it adds on 20 HP to Darkrai. Dark Shadow makes all my Dark Energy act as Special Darkness Energy, making the energy make my Pokemon do 10 more damage. For each Energy. Then we have Endless Darkness, one of the best attacks I've seen. It is a three for 40 (or 70 thanks to Dark Shadow) that puts the foe to sleep. What is so great about that you ask? Well, my opponent has to flip two coins and get two head in order to wake up. Flipping one tails means they are still asleep. And flipping two tails KOs the Pokemon. Just incredible.
x3 Absol (SW)-A 70 HP basic with Psychic resistance. If I can get it out as the Active Pokemon on the turn it was played then Raid becomes a one for 40 for that turn. A one for 10 after that, but then I can just useBaleful Wind, a great one energy attack that discard one or two cards in my opponent's hand.

Trainers: 19

x4 Warp Point (D&P)-A Switch and Gust of Wind in one card.
x4 Roseanne's Research (SW)-Gets me Pokemon and Energy.
x4 Team Galactic's Mars (SW)-Drawing and puts a card in my opponent's hand to the bottom of their deck.
x4 Leftovers (GE)-Healing.
x2 Time-Space Distortion (MT)-Gets me back Pokemon from the discard pile.
x1 Moonlight Stadium (GE)-Allows my Pokemon to have no retreat cost. Also gets rid of any stadiums my opponent might have.

Energy: 23

x19 Dark Energy-Needed.
x4 Darkness Energy (Mysterious Treasures)-Provides Dark energy while also having my Pokemon do 10 more damage. For before I get Darkrai Lv. X out.

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