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(DUU too.)
Jun 13 by xPsydxck
Regarding people not replying to your posts, I think that's because the only DOU player here, ANoobWithoutA Name, is pretty inactive nowadays. Tho I might be wrong and someone might secretly be playing DOU here, but I haven't seen anyone.

I think you're better off asking for RMTs on Smogon.
Jun 13 by xPsydxck
May 26 by CyberHedgehog IV
Apr 16 by BM™
Well, if this is for doubles then I won't be of much help. All I can say is instead of having two speed abusers, just use one instead. I think just replace Seismitoad with another wall breaker and reserve the sweeping to Venusaur
Apr 3 by Raven Roth
No problem. lmk if anything else comes up.
Jan 29 by Fizz
You're not allowed to post a monotype team for DUU. All teams submitted to RMT must be competitive teams. We consider monotype teams to be theme teams, not competitive teams, unless they are played in the monotype format.
If you have a DUU team that is not monotype, then you're welcome to post it.
Jan 27 by Fizz
Thanks, Aaaaaaaaa
Jan 27 by HyperCube1221
I'll put it this way, which gets more to the heart of the issue: if you're going to ask people to only use Bug-types in your DUU team, then we're going to say no to that, because it's a theme team not a competitive team.
If you're going to turn it into a standard (not monotype) DUU team, then that's fine.
Jan 27 by Fizz
I'm a bit late, but welcome to the site! Make sure to read the rules. :)
Jan 27 by xPsydxck