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Well ch1 is up  I forgot about the character limit on a wall post  so I had to chop off about half of it   OK not a half probably a third  but I think you’ll like it   And if you wondering who the random Valerie person is it’s another character I made  i’ll probably be introducing yours in either chapter 2 or chapter 3  yes I’ll be fine because of the way I’m doing this I have to type it out on my laptop, send it to my phone, copy and paste it onto Pages an app on my phone and then hopefully I’m in within the character limit and then posting on here  Wee so fun XD
Jun 13, 2021 by Rosalie Hood
Alright Rowan and Mila are added!
Jun 12, 2021 by Rosalie Hood
Not really, i don’t families all hail from lifhtwlods are usually NYC but because Rowan’s 18 he’d be doing his study year, he sorry they’d be  studying abroad  So they’re fine.
Jun 11, 2021 by Rosalie Hood
That’s fine, he’s good i assime yhe leys is floridia? Welcome!
Jun 11, 2021 by Rosalie Hood
OK new fanfic idea  on my way  if you’re at all interested I was wondering if I could use  Milla that yamask yiy made if you like and if you’re interested your character can be the one to have  her  and yes I’m pretty sure I’m going to write this one this time it won’t be boring
Jun 9, 2021 by Rosalie Hood
Jun 8, 2021 by BM™
Oh darn didn’t  you see? That fic is ‘t happening bur if it’s okay i’ll use her in a different one i was told the oragional idea  was boring,
Jun 5, 2021 by Rosalie Hood
If you saw my past post i deleted it the fics not happening maybe if your intrested later in a different one i’ll invite you
Jun 4, 2021 by Rosalie Hood
Hello!!! Okay NOW i know why Leigh Bardugo sounded so  The Milyer . She wrote a book called Warbringer Wonder Woman, i’ve read at least twice probably three times it’s sooo good!!!! Oh and i’m about to read ninth house if i don’t find something more  intriguing  So there i lnew i knew that name!

Oh i have some quotes on my file if you wanna use em

One time in chat i was  pretending  To be reshiram someone said reshima  was trash i said “no, i’m hot trash” XD. Yhe “XD” was n’t part of the quote btw XD.
Jun 3, 2021 by Rosalie Hood
2 hours from now
gladion enneth tarzan child. How philosophical.

I'm not giving context either. XD
May 30, 2021 by Pogokira