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1 day ago by Mr. Beast™
1 day ago by mega mismagius
Can I be the leader of the ™Gang?
1 day ago by Mr. Beast™
I'm really so for doing that and ok i  wont do it again hope you accept my apologize
2 days ago by mega mismagius
5 days ago by Aaaaaaaaa
5 days ago by Amethyst
Hey, are you online rn?
Oct 10 by MechSteelix
IS THAT A MOTHERFUNKIN -Jirachi wearing a witch hat holding a wand on top of a carved pumpkin-REFERENCE????????????
Oct 8 by The Hyphenation
person1: hello
person2: j
person1: *dies*
Oct 6 by KrystalInfernus
Oct 6 by mega mismagius