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Nee nor and congrats on 700
Mar 1 by Zㅤ
tmi dude
Mar 1 by Zㅤ
Sorry if my profile depresses you, it’s hard to think of something to write that doesn’t at the moment. Please look after yourselves, stress hurts. Now I’m sounding cringey af... great
Feb 17 by JaJaDingDong
That Grav is a thing of comedy.

I kinda love it.
Feb 17 by Fenton Force
weo niice grav
Feb 8 by Cristal Maybach
Jan 21 by Zㅤ
Your grav what the heck XD
Jan 21 by ~Obstagoon-Marnie~
omg u figured me out im so embarrassed don't tell anyone okay
Jan 18 by ~Smoothie~
O_O I beat you in points. I never thought that would have happened
Jan 12 by ~megaltaria~
So close to you in points
Jan 10 by ~megaltaria~