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I want to edit your profile just to put "(If)" next to HxH
Jul 5 by Terlor
Zero to Hero
Apr 29 by BeastMaster™
Jul 1, 2020 by trz
yay im a new gen user
Jun 30, 2020 by ~Bandit~
New gen user. I like it.
Jun 30, 2020 by DeltaEmerald
Welcome to the site, ancient user!
Jun 29, 2020 by DeltaEmerald
Last wall post last year? Sad..........
Jun 29, 2020 by DeltaEmerald
Holy **** it's my man JohnOne how you doin.
And yeah I come on sometimes to see if there's anyone interesting in the chat room
Jun 7, 2019 by Terlor
Idk if any of my old friends are still around but if anyone sees this hi! :D It’s been a while lol
Jun 7, 2019 by JackZero
I miss you man... :(
Jun 26, 2017 by Terlor