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nice to read youve become a father, hope you and the kid are well
May 22, 2017 by melcakes
"I'm still just as cynical as ever. "
^this gives me comfort
Apr 12, 2017 by Victini Victory
No, I missed you on the server. ;-;
Mar 16, 2017 by trachy
Started reading manga (well, manga beyond Ito's work and Nausicaa). So far I've finished Akira, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Death Note. I found all to be solid, although Death Note certainly gets much worse in the second half of the series, once L dies.

Currently reading Berserk, since I remembered that you recommended that one to me once. Recommendation was on point there, absolutely loving the series and I have no doubt that it will end up being my favorite serialized manga. I've got 200+ chapters still to go, although shame that the series isn't actually finished. I guess comparisons to A Song of Ice and Fire are apt in that regard as well.
Sep 17, 2016 by trachy
Aug 16, 2016 by GameCube
You get any good pulls at the prerelease? I ended up going undefeated (split with my final round opponent) at my first prerelease and at my second I went 3-1. From my sealed pool and prize packs the big ones I got were promo Ishkanah, Ulrich, Tree of Perdition, Eldritch Evolution, Tamiyo, Mindwrack Demon, and Declaration in Stone. Plus a few other solid pulls that I was pleased with. I was especially happy with the promo Ishkanah, since I was looking to grab her for my Meren EDH deck.
Jul 17, 2016 by trachy
Thoughts on Eldritch Moon?

Personally, I'm not too pleased to see them kill off (or in this case trap) the Eldrazi so easily. But the flavor for the set seems perfect, much better than the flavor of BFZ and OGW.  Also I get more cards for BR Vampires. And even some stuff for my Meren EDH.
Jul 14, 2016 by trachy
...fair enough
Jul 10, 2016 by PX
Heyup Ninja! If you happen to see this, you seen the new Berserk anime? I was really hyped, but the 3d CGi style is so jagged, and the pacing seems horrid. Maybe the pacing can't be helped with not knowing how green lit the show is yet but they could of at least tried to ease us in better. Any thoughts?

Good luck with whatever you're doing now btw. I know we're not exactly best friends or anything but I still want to see you well. Go strong and have a good life :P.
Jul 3, 2016 by PX
Yo Ninja, you seem like the best person to ask about this even though you're inactive here.

You got any good ROMs for these Yu-gi-oh games?
-Dungeon Dice Monsters
-Eternal Duelist Soul
-Duelists of the Roses
-Reshef of Destruction
Jun 18, 2016 by trachy