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Oofwot, how do you have that much pts on Meta. You only say stuff like: "no, wait for the Forum"
And: "No" lol
Sep 3, 2018 by SeeYaLater!
Ninja, you probably need to update your About Me to: Last updated on: ??/??/??? okay?
Jul 24, 2018 by SeeYaLater!
Your about me makes me think of old people going into retirement
Jun 25, 2018 by EvilTwinNeedle™️
Your about me reminds me of some family members :P
Jun 19, 2018 by Staka~
Why do you hate sumwun?
May 24, 2018 by EvilTwinNeedle™️
Do you play fortnite? (I'm jk lol)
May 2, 2018 by EvilTwinNeedle™️
nice to read youve become a father, hope you and the kid are well
May 22, 2017 by melcakes
"I'm still just as cynical as ever. "
^this gives me comfort
Apr 12, 2017 by Victini Victory
No, I missed you on the server. ;-;
Mar 16, 2017 by trachy
Started reading manga (well, manga beyond Ito's work and Nausicaa). So far I've finished Akira, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Death Note. I found all to be solid, although Death Note certainly gets much worse in the second half of the series, once L dies.

Currently reading Berserk, since I remembered that you recommended that one to me once. Recommendation was on point there, absolutely loving the series and I have no doubt that it will end up being my favorite serialized manga. I've got 200+ chapters still to go, although shame that the series isn't actually finished. I guess comparisons to A Song of Ice and Fire are apt in that regard as well.
Sep 17, 2016 by trachy