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Keep up doing the good job :)
Dec 21, 2016 by RRahman1
I'm at school so as soon as i'm home again
Dec 21, 2016 by RRahman1
No I'd never downvote  someones answeres if they aren't bad. I actually upvoted you on some answers like the one with Mimikyu
Dec 21, 2016 by RRahman1
Sorry guys, will edit it in my answers. Thanks for letting me know !
Dec 21, 2016 by RRahman1
Oh yeah thanks fizz, I been trying to tell him to give credits. Also, RRahman1, did you downvote my answers? Sorry if that was rude.
Dec 21, 2016 by Orange Gaimer
Many of the post posts you have made on moveset questions recently have been stolen directly from Smogon.com's analyses of each respective Pokemon. This is plagiarism and will NOT be accepted. Consider this a warning -- your account may be blocked if this continues.
I will hide each moveset post that you have stolen.
Dec 21, 2016 by Fizz