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5 days ago by Hexhalem
so you’re saying you want me to make a well thought-out OU team instead of one I threw together in 2 minutes?

i’ll try lol
Oct 15 by AlphaSapphire
Yeah, I’m on the DB discord, just DM me if you want to schedule a time or if you want to see if I can kick your ass at the time
Oct 8 by AlphaSapphire
Can I kick your ass sometime this weekend?
Oct 7 by AlphaSapphire
unbelievable that they destroyed the server instead of promoting u
Oct 1 by Hexahedron
nice profile pic mate, db server down or is it just me?
Sep 26 by Jofly
Yoooo I did visit the showdown server prolly a day after you asked me to. I saw your, Jofly's, and another person's messages in the chat. Inma visit it again tomorrow. :)

Also what's Run Rattata Run? That sounds like some interesting sh*t!
Sep 5 by Aaaaaaaaa
Ah yes that's understandable. Dw man, I respect your privacy. :)

Interesting. What genre is it tho? Idk why but I feel like its gonna be soft pop or rnb or jazz.

Also I reckon you should visit Lusty's wall, would find something amazing there. XD
Aug 21 by Aaaaaaaaa
Lmao lets pretend I never asked you to tell a ban story. Aint there no need to reply to that, I wouldnt mind.
You can just reply to the other messages. :P

Anyways, wassup with your new grav?
Aug 19 by Aaaaaaaaa