Terrakion - Generation 8 learnset

Below are all the moves that Terrakion can learn in Generation 8, which consists of:

  • Pokémon Sword
  • Pokémon Shield

Moves learnt by level up

Terrakion learns the following moves in Pokémon Sword & Shield at the levels specified.

1Helping HandNormal
1LeerNormal 100
1Quick AttackNormal 40 100
1Work UpNormal
7Smack DownRock 50 100
14Quick GuardFighting
21Double KickFighting 30 100
28RetaliateNormal 70 100
35Rock SlideRock 75 90
42Take DownNormal 90 85
49Sacred SwordFighting 90 100
56Swords DanceNormal
63Stone EdgeRock 100 80
70Close CombatFighting 120 100

Egg moves

Terrakion does not learn any moves by breeding in Pokémon Sword & Shield.

Moves learnt by TM

Terrakion is compatible with these Technical Machines in Pokémon Sword & Shield:

Moves learnt by TR

Terrakion is compatible with these Technical Records in Pokémon Sword & Shield: