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Pokemon Black & White legendaries revealed

Pokémon Black & White — 01 June, 2010

The two main legendary Pokemon for the upcoming games, Black & White, have been revealed. They are named Reshiram and Zekrom and are coloured white and black, to represent the theme of light and dark in the new games.

Reshiram (left) and Zekrom (right) represent light and dark

It is confirmed that both Pokemon are Dragon-type, but the secondary types are unknown. They are expected to be Dark, Ice or Electric, or there could even be a brand new Light type, who knows.

The games will be released this September in Japan, and Spring 2011 in US/Europe.

New news is good news :)

Site Updates — 31 May, 2010

So I finally got around to adding a proper news section to Pokemon Database. On the front page you will see a lot of the recent happenings in the Pokemon game world, plus updates to this site.

So what's new on the site? Just recently I have added a new Sprites page for every Pokemon in the Pokedex! Currently it just shows Diamond/Pearl and Platinum, but I'm working on adding the HeartGold/SoulSilver sprites too.

The biggest addition to Pokemon DB is our new Q&A site, PokeBase. There you can ask questions about the Pokemon games (where to find pokemon/items, how certain game elements work, and so on) and get answers quickly from a great community.

It's not a forum per se: limited discussion relating to answers posted is allowed, but subjective/opinionated questions are discouraged. We're hoping to build up a solid Pokemon knowledgebase with an answer for everything! So feel free to ask any basic question you like, we're more than happy to answer it!

We already have over 260 Pokemon questions and 170 users! And thanks to our top users who are great at asking and answering, it's much appreciated!

Stay tuned for some updates on the upcoming Pokemon Black & White games.