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My shiny Gastly will soon be evolving into a haunter and I wanted to know at what level shound I evolve my Haunter into a Gengar.

I know that if you evolve it sooner it gets stronger and if you don't it learns moves quicker, but does Haunter learn any moves worth waiting for?

I will be glad to get any advice as to when I should evolve it, if you can please say what level instead of saying 'until it learns dark pulse' or something like that.

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As soon as possible!
There is no disadvantage in evolving it earlier; it learns the same moves at the same level via level up, and Gengar receives a wider movepool and better stats; I do not see a reason to wait for the evolution. Even if there was disadvantages, they are easily resolved by facilities such as the move rememberer. So, as soon as you can trade, evolve Haunter! Gengar receives excellent sweeping stats for ingame and more bulk than Haunter receives, and even in the metagame, along with Starmie, remains the only Pokemon to have stayed OU ever since Gen 1; proving Gengar's worth-while prowess. Even ingame Gengar is a gimmicky and useful Pokemon; so evolve Haunter when you get the chance!

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As soon as it is evolved into haunter evolve it into gengar. Haunter and gengar have the same movepool and if you evolve it into gengar it will be much stronger and gain a large movepool.So evolve it as soon as it is evolved into haunter.But first you need to trade to get gengar.Hope this helps.