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Please tell me what level to evolve it, when answering please keep in mind Scyther learns different moves and gains more speed per level than scizor.

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Scyther's and Scizor's movesets are mostly the same except for these levels below. Scyther's move is first, Scizors second.

1: Vacuum Wave or Bullet Punch
21: Wing Attack or Metal Claw
37: Double Team or Iron Defense
41: Air Slash or Iron Head

First, note that once you have evolved to Scizor you can learn any of Scizor's level up moves from the move relearner with a Heart Scale. (You have to do this for the level 1 moves.)

So of the 4 moves for Scyther, probably the only ones you would want are Wing Attack and maybe Vacuum Wave, which both take advantage of the Technician ability. So I would say any time after level 21 would be fine!

Most likely not Vacuum wave as it is Special, and Aerial Ace > Wing Attack because of infinite acc.
How about Acrobatics?
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The answer to this question really depends on the moveset you wish to have for your Scizor

Level: Move: Type: Catagory: Strength: Accuracy: PP
Start :Vacuum Wave :Fighting: Special: 40: 100%: 30
Start :Quick Attack: Normal: Physical: 40: 100%: 30
Start :Leer: Normal: Status: —: 100%: 30
5: Focus Energy: Normal: Status: —: —%: 30
9: Pursuit: Dark: Physical: 40: 100%: 20
13: False Swipe: Normal: Physical: 40: 100%: 40
17: Agility: Psychic: Status: —: —%: 30
21: Wing Attack: Flying: Physical: 60: 100%: 35
25: Fury Cutter: Bug: Physical: 20: 95%: 20
29: Slash Normal: Physical: 70: 100%: 20
33: Razor Wind: Normal: Special: 80: 100%: 10
37: Double Team: Normal: Status: —: —%: 15
41: X-Scissor Bug: Physical: 80: 100%: 15
45: Night Slash: Dark: Physical: 70: 100%: 15
49: Double Hit: Normal: Physical: 35: 90%: 10
53: Air Slash: Flying: Special: 75: 95%: 20
57: Swords Dance: Normal: Status: —: —%: 30
61: Feint: Normal: Physical: 30: 100%: 10

If you would like tips on the movesets, go to Smogon University


Choose the moves you would like your Scizor to know, then level your Scyther to the correct level

Source http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Scyther_(Pokémon)

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No need to naturally learn Sword-Dance as it is a TM
I think I'll wait until it is level 21 when it learns wing attack. That will help get rid of other bug types. It's a shame that scizor can be hit by ground moves like earthquake. I might train one Scyther and one scizor and see which one I like more.
Why smogon if you already have an account on this site which shows their learnsets , you should evolve him at level 1