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Dawn Stone
Snorunt (F) --> Froslass
Kirlia (M) --> Gallade

Dusk Stone
Murkrow --> Honchkrow
Misdreavus --> Mismagius
Lampent --> Chandelure

Fire Stone
Vulpix --> Ninetales
Growlithe --> Arcanine
Eevee --> Flareon
Pansear --> Simisear

Leaf Stone
Gloom --> Vileplume
Weepinbell --> Victreebell
Exeggcute --> Exeggcutor
Nuzleaf --> Shiftry
Pansage --> Simisage

Moon Stone
Nidorina --> Nidoqueen
Nidorino --> Nidoking
Clefairy --> Clefable
Jigglypuff --> Wigglytuff
Skitty --> Delcatty
Munna --> Musharna

Shiny Stone
Togetic --> Togekiss
Roselia --> Roserade
Mincinno --> Cincinno

Sun Stone
Gloom --> Bellossom
Sunkern --> Sunflora
Cottonee --> Whimsicott
Petilil --> Lilligant

Pikachu --> Raichu
Eevee --> Jolteon
Eelektrik --> Eelektross

Water Stone
Poliwhirl --> Poliwrath
Shellder --> Cloyster
Staryu --> Starmie
Eevee --> Vaporeon
Lombre --> Ludicolo
Panpour --> Simipour

And, for all of them overall, Levels 20-30.
Hope I helped. :)

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Lemme quickly correct something 'cause it looks hilarious
It's not Snorlax , it's Snorunt  plus be careful with regards to the Dawn Stone evolutions as those pokemon can still evolve to their other evolutions by level up.
Snorlax (edit to:) Snorunt (F) --> Froslass - lmao SP, dat edit :D
Dark Giratina, the Pokemon have to be the opposite gender to evolve into those evolutions.
And yeah, thanks SP. xD
Thank u it's really heplful
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