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  • Route 10
  • Lenora's Gym Leader Spot (did Cheren mug her for it? lolz)
  • D-Spiral Tower: How did the Pokemon get so high leveled?
  • Where did Cold Storage go? What happened to all the workers?
  • Why did Twist Mountain collapse?
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I guess I'll answer:

  • Route 10 was blocked off because of a landslide at Victory Road. Source
  • Lenora quit because she wanted to work at her museum more. Source
  • Dragonspiral Tower got higher Leveled Pokemon than the original Black and White because it is now accessed later in the game. In B/W, it could be accessed right after Brycen's gym battle, but you can only access it in B2/W2 after the Elite Four. Obviously, higher leveled Pokemon were placed there. Same is true for Straiton City, Dreamyard, Pinwheel Forest, Routes 17 & 18, and everything in between. Source: Common Sense, and that's how Gamfreak wanted it.
  • The Cold Storage has been demolished and replaced by the Pokemon World Tournament. Source We don't know what happened to the workers; they most likely got laid off.
  • No information was released about Twist Mountain's collapse. It was most likely done by GameFreak to prevent the player from reaching Iccirus City, which is meant to be accessible after the Elite Four.
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Okay, thank you.
We don't know what happened to the workers; they most likely got laid off.-Mew:3
So.. people are losing jobs in video games too, huh?
Guess the economy in Unova sucks more than it does here.
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1.Lenora quit because she wanted more time to spend with bones.
2.Dragon Spiral Towers Pokemon are higher levels because you can only get there after defeating the elite four and the champion.
3.The cold storage was replaced with PWT
4.Twist mountain is still there but it collapsed at one point.
5.Route 10 is closed because the old Victory Road collapsed, Route 10 is no longer in the game even if you use cheating devices to get by the road blocks you will see nothing there.

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This didn't really help to be honest. We know that the CS was replaced with PWT, but why? Why did Twist Mountain collapse? Is there another reason why the DragonSpiral tower's pokempn are higher leveled? And where has Route 10 gone?
And these answers are correct.
LOL, she wanted to spend more time with bones.