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In other words, which areas have Pokemon that yield mostly one type of EV stat?

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I will continue to update this as I find better places but here's a first draft. The numbers in brackets are the number of EVs you get from that Pokemon.

HP spots
Surfing in Icirrus City - Stunfisk (2) everywhere! Seismitoad (3) can also appear in bubbling spots.

ATTACK spots
Dragonspiral Tower 1F - Mienshao (2), Druddigon (2), Golurk (2).
Victory Road 1F/3F - Banette (2), Golurk (2)
N's Castle - Druddigon (2), Zweilous (2), Excadrill (2) in dust clouds. Avoid Onix (dust clouds).

Chargestone Cave - Nosepass (1), Klink (1), Ferroseed (1). Avoid the rest (note: Boldore gives 1 Def and 1 Atk EV).

Celestial Tower - Litwick (1), Elgyem (1). Stick to the first floor to avoid Golbats.

Surfing on Route 17 - Frillish (1), Jellicent (2) in bubbling spots.
Or possibly Route 14 - Swablu (1), Altaria (2). But a mix of a few other Pokemon to avoid.

SPEED spots
Surfing in most places (e.g. Route 1, Wellspring Cave) yields all Basculin (2). Feebas (1) is in bubbling spots but avoid Milotic (2 Sp.Def EVs).

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Great, thanks, Pokemaster!
Golduck actually gives 2 Special ATTACK EVs. The rest of it is great, though. Thanks!
Thanks, you are correct. Edited.
Golbat too gives 2 Speed EV's right? It's also quite good for EV training for Speed. Same appplies to Zubat(1)..
You forgot Palpitoad for HP.
Also, if you're trying to EV up a physical sweeper, fighting your rival Hugh up in the Plasma house in Driftveil City is one of your best bets. Gives nice exp, and regardless of what starter you choose, every single one of his team gives +atk or +speed EV's. The sole exception to this is if he has a Samurott, which gives sp. atk EV's.
you can also get +2 in speed by swanna on marvellous bridge
In Spring and Summer, when Castelia sewers are flooded, you can surf to fight Grimer (1). They're 100% when surfing and low leveled as well.
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I train my Druddigon in Victory Road because most of the Pokemon there have high attack.

Also try training for HP: surfing in winter or walking in the wetlands in icirrus city. Even more useful if you bring a grass type.

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