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What are the best places to EV train in Pokemon Black and White?

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Might as well start EV training and getting ready for competetive play, right? :) ~

Any ideas or spots would be much appreciated!

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I answered old EV questions, but here it is in one place:

HP spots
Palpitoad in Icirrus City (40%). 2 HP EVs.
Ducklett on Driftveil Drawbridge (100%). 1 HP EV

ATTACK spots
Route 1, which has Lillipups and Patrats (both gives 1 Attack EV). BEWARE OF SHAKING SPOTS (2 HP EVs Audinos)

Roggerola in Wellspring Cave. 50%. 1 Def EV. (the other 50% are Woobats, which give 1 Speed EV)

Celestial Tower. Both Litwicks and Elgyems give 1 Sp.Att EV. (lower floors are more likely to be Litwicks, while higher are more likely to be Elgyems)

Frillish on Route 17. 100%. 1 SpDef EV. Surfing.

SPEED spots
Woobat in Wellspring Cave. 50%. (the other 50% are Roggerolas, which give 1 Def EV)
Basculin on Route 1. 100% (beware of bubbles). 2 EVs. Surfing
Feebas also gives 1 Speed EV, but Milotic (5%) gives 2 Sp.Def EVs

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