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What are the best locations for getting Effort Values in Speed?

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If you surf on Rotue 227 or Route 228, then the only Pokemon you'll encounter are Poliwag (1 EV) and Poliwhirl (2 EVs).
You can also try Starly (1 EV) on Route 201.
Or there are plenty of Pokemon in the Trophy Garden: Pikachu (2 EVs), Pichu (1 EV) and Staravia (2 EVs) are fairly common, and some of the daily Pokemon give off Speed EVs too.


Route 9 is great! You get Rattata (1 EV), Raticate (2 EVs), Spearow (1 EV) and Fearow (2 EVs).

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Please add that if you surf in Mt. Coronet, the only Pokemon that can be encountered are Zubat (1 EV) and Golbat (2 EVs).
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Well, in my SS, I LUCKILY Got the Pokerus and trained my pokemon to have excellent speed on wild Golbats in the victory Road. My Raikou's speed goes up 5 or 6 points every lvl of training there which is awesome. So if you have the pokerus in any of your games, you could trade or migrate them and get double the evs to get extra strong stats!

What's really cool is if you catch a high-leveled wild pokemon (and therefore with no EVs), and EV-train it on really low level pokemon, so that it takes loads to get it up one level, your stats can skyrocket! I did it on a level 80 Magikarp I got from the Resort Area in Platinum and its attack went up like 30 points in one level!! :D
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Black / White:

Roggerola 1 Def EV
Woobats 1 EV

Basculin 2 EVs (surf)
Feebas 1 EV (bubble)
Milotic 2 SDef EVs (bubble)

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Fishing anywhere where there is water with an Old Rod
is good for findin Magikarp which boosts speed.

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Pokemon black/white
Okay,one awnser:BASCULIN
Those things are EVERYWHERE in the water and they give 2 speed evs's!

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Black/White 2 - Speed spots

Surfing in many places yields 100% Basculin (2 EVs). Two such places are Route 1 and Wellspring Cave.

Note in Route 1, Feebas (1 EVs) is in bubbling spots but avoid Milotic (2 Sp.Def EVs).

I strongly suggest Marvelous Bridge. You'll find 100% of Swanna (2 EVs) and in the mean time you can collect a lot of Wings that can help with your EV training.
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Heart Gold / Soul Silver *

  • Fly to Mt. Silver and Surf in the little pond, where you will find mostly Poliwhirls (2 Speed EVs) and occasional Poliwags (1 Speed EV).*
  • Both Poliwhirls and Poliwags you find will be around the Lv. 40s, so don't die!
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RSE locations:

Any rod at Route 104: Magikarp (1 EV)
Walking at Seafloor Cavern: Zubat (1 EV), Golbat (2 EVs)
Surfing at Victory Road: Golbat (2 EVs)
Walking at Altering Cave: Zubat (1 EV) (Altering Cave doesn't work in Ruby or Sapphire)
Walking at Artisan Cave: Smeargle (1 EV) (Artisan Cave doesn't work in Ruby or Sapphire)

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Pokémon Sword and Shield

Rookidee on Route 1, connecting to Postwick and Wedgehurst.