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What are the best locations for getting Effort Values in Defense?

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The best place is probably Ruin Maniac's Cave, with Geodude (1 EV) and Hippopotas (1 EV), and no Zubat. Another place is Iron Island, with Geodude (1 EV), Graveler (2 EVs), Onix (1 EV) and Steelix (2 EVs). There is also Oreburgh Mine, which is good because it has low-level Pokemon.


Route 45: Geodude (1 EV) and Graveler (2 EVs), plus Gligar (1 EV) or Skarmory (2 EVs) depending on version.

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Black / White:

Roggerola 1 EV
Woobats 1 Spe EV

Yamask 1 EV
Cofagrigus 2 EVs
Onix 1 EV
Sandslash 2 EVs

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Or Orborough gate. That almosst always has geodude.

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Black/White 2 - Defense spots

Chargestone Cave - Nosepass (1 EV), Klink (1 EV), Ferroseed (1 EV).
Avoid the rest (note: Boldore gives 1 Def and 1 Atk EV).

Haven't found anywhere with all Defense Pokemon yet.

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I would suggest Lostlorn Forest. There are a lot of Swadloon (2 EV) and some Venipede (1 EV).

Need to avoid the Cottonee that gives Speed EV (Black 2) and the Petilil which provide SAtk EV (White 2).
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i would like to add onto DarthDestiny's post for Black / White: the Durant's in victory road offer 2 def. they are pretty common

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finally a use for durant!
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Best Emerald location--Walking at Magma Hideout: Geodude (1 EV), Graveler (2 EVs), Torkoal (2 EVs)

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