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What are the best locations for getting Effort Values in HP?

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I like Valley Windworks - Bidoof (1 EV) and Shellos (1 EV) are common here. Gastrodon (2 EVs) can be seen surfing above here. Bidoof are most places, like Route 201.
Wooper (1 EV) and Quagsire (2 EVs) are also on Route 212, higher level.


Surf inside Slowpoke Well to find Slowpoke (duh!) (1 EV)
There's also Route 15, which has Nidorina (2 EVs), Noctowl (2 EVs), Quagsire (2 EVs) and Chansey (2 EVs).

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Black / White:

Palpitoad 2 EVs (puddles,surf)
Stunfisk 2 EVs (surf)
Shelmets 1 Def EV (puddles, surf)

Ducklett 1 EV (shadows)

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Black/White 2 - HP spots

Surfing in Icirrus City - Stunfisk (2 EVs), Seismitoad (3 EVs) in bubbling spots.

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RSE locations

Walking at Rusturf Tunnel: Whismur (1 EV)
Surfing at just about any freshwater pond: Marill (2 EVs)
Super rod at Dewford Town or Slateport City: Wailmer (1 EV)
Super rod at Meteor Falls any room that requires waterfall: Barboach (1 EV), Whiscash (2 EVs)
Super rod at Victory Road: Barboach (1 EV), Whiscash (2 EVs)
Walking at Desert Underpass: Ditto (1 EV if not transformed), Whismur (1 EV), Loudred (2 EVs) (doesn't work in Ruby or Sapphire)

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