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I only know of the Eevee. By the way, any tips on how to get it to evolve into an Espeon?

Just saying, Espeon cannot be obtained in FR/LG due to loss of day/night features. You'll have to trade from R/S/E.

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Starter (Bulbasaur/charmander/squirtle)-pallet town
Hitmonchan/hitmonlee-FIghting dojo
Eevee-pokemon mansion
Lapras-Silph co
Togepi- Egg in water labyrinth
Fossils(Omanyte/Kabutops and aerodayctyl)-Mt moon/Pewter city museum
Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Gift_Pokémon and personal experience
And fizzcube is right about espeon

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Hah, Bulbapedia was down when this was first posted.