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In join Avenue what are the chances of...
Winning the raffle or comic second or third,
Having someone called Steve visit,
Having a very rare item in the antiqe shop,
Meeting an in game character like cheren or alder.

Some of these may not be possible. Thank you very mutch for taking the time to look at this.BTW If you can get rare items in the antiqe shop, could you state them?


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You can win the raffle at 2nd or 3rd place.if you want to win 2nd or 3rd more easily level up ur shops by giving them popularity points.You can get a rare item in the antique shop,just not very likely.You cannot meet an in-game character like cheren or alder.

If you still need help go to http://www.serebii.net/black2white2/joinavenue.shtml

Hope I helped :))))

Yes you can meet an in-game character I had Skyla go to my join avenue.
But u cant see cheren or alder.
That was just an example