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I want to know since my Jellicent knows water pulse but it can learn hydro pump and water pulse has better accuracy but hydro pump has better power.

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It means how frequently it hits the opponent. Sometimes a move doesn't hit the opponent, and it will say "The opponent avoided the attack!"
Some moves have 100 accuracy like the move surf. Some have 60 accuracy like hypnosis.These stats can be lowered by certain moves like minimize or double team.

Personally I'd choose Water Pulse due to it's chance of confuseing the opponent and 100 accuracy.everyone thinks the higher power moves are better but they're really not(this is my opinion).

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that's what I thought but which move should my Jellicent know water pulse or hydro pump?
Hydro Pump if you want power, Water Pulse if you want chance for confusion, PP, and Accuracy. Though either Surf or Scald is best.
Probably Water Pulse beacause it has better accuracy and it can cofuse the opponent.
it's accuracy is what 65 not 100
Yeah,I'll keep water pulse.
No, it's 100
Water pulse has 100% accuracy, 20% chance of confusing, and 60 base power. Personally, I'd advise Scald, since it has a base power of 80 and 30% chance of burning, or Surf, if you wanted 95 base power (with 100% accuracy).
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