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I mean...you can't level your Pokemon above level 100, so how do the stats change?


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Yes, but the thing is, EV bonuses are applied at level up. Since you can't level up anymore, your EVs won't ever get a chance to go up, so it's pointless.

In the older games (RBY, GSC, maybe RSE/FRLG, not sure), you could simply deposit the Pokemon into the PC and withdraw it, and the bonuses would be applied, but not in Gen 4 up.

To be more precise, you technically can effectively EV train a Pokemon at level 100, but only through the use of vitamins (which have a limit, and can't max out an EV), and not through fighting wild Pokemon. This is because you gain the EVs at the same time as gaining experience points, and since a level 100 doesn't earn exp, it doesn't earn EVs.

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