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I know Pokémon can earn 0 stats when it levels up, but can a stat when it's level 100 be 0?
Like this but different

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In order to have a stat of 0, you would need to haven a base stat of zero which no Pokemon has. The closest we have is Shedinja who has the lowest base stat in the game of 1 HP with its min and max stat at level 100 being 1 HP. The second lowest (I believe is) 5 shared by many Pokemon such as Munchlax in speed. At level 100 with no investment and min ivs/no evs / negative nature, it has a minimum of 41 speed. All Pokemon are born with at least 1 stat point per stat.

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No your Pokemons stats cant be zero at level 100.
The Pokemon with a stat closest to zero is shedninja. Shedninja always has 1hp.

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