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There are two versions of each stat equation I see from multiple sources, either:

HP = [IV+(2xBase)+EV/4+100]xLevel/100+10
Other = ([IV+(2xBase)+EV/4]xLevel/100+5)xNature
which I understood until I also saw:

HP = [(Base+IVx2+√EV/4)xLevel/100]+Level+10
on another site.

The second equation has Level used in two places, a square root of the EV, and no IV calculated into it.
The first equations include IV and don't square root EV and for calculating HP use +100 instead of +Level.
Which system is correct? ;-;


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The system that uses square roots was for generation 1-2 (which technecally had DV and Stat Exp rather than IV and EV, respectively). :P

It looks like you typed the formulas wrong, so I'll show you them proper. :P

Gen 1-2:
Anything surrounded by floor[] is rounded down. Anything surrounded by sqrt[] is square rooted. :P

HP= floor[(((Base+IV)*2+(floor[sqrt[EV]]/4)*Level/100]+Level+10

Other Stat= floor[(Base+IV)*2+(floor[sqrt[EV]]/4)*Level/100]+5

Gen 3+
Ditto above

HP= floor[(2*Base+IV+floor[EV/4])*Level/100]+Level+10

Other Stat= floor[(floor[(2*Base+IV+floor[EV/4])*Level/100]+5)*Nature

If the floor[]'s are too hard to follow, just remove them and round down whenever you divide and multiply by nature. :P
Conversly, replace sqrt[] with a radical. :P


Hope I Helped!