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Magneton lvl.62
Crobat lvl.58
Sneasel lvl.47
Gravelor lvl 46
Seaking lvl42
Tangrowth lvl42

Who is going to be better at lvl.100 on Heart Gold.

Replace Seaking with something better. I suggest Starmie.

2 Answers

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Wheres your Starter??
Anyway, magneton will be best if you evolve it, in my opinion, with amazing movesets, and stats.
Cobat is close behind, and Tangrowth is ok, too.

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You should replace your seaking with starmie, gyrados, or a transferred(posssible)Kyogre, give magneton the magnet, Gravelor the rough stone, and tangrowth the scope lens. Then youve got a pretty good team. (Magneton is the best)