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Emboar's Heat Crash or Blaziken's Blaze Kick?

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I'm trying to decide a good Fire-Fighting type.

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It would be Blaziken's Blaze Kick. This move is much more reliable, because if Emboar is fighting a Gigalith, Heat Crash would do barely any damage, but it could bring a Fighting-type move such as Brick Break. Also, Blaziken has access to Brave Bird. Although, if you still want to use Emboar, there are some sets on THIS PAGE that use Heat Crash. There are Blaziken sets HERE, too.

Heat Crash statistics

Blaze Kick statistics

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Blaziken. I checked Blaziken's,Emboar's, and even Infernape's stats. Emboar I already dicided is a no no, due to it's insanly lower special defence and defence.Infernape focuses on offence,even though Blaziken has better stats in total special attack and defence,defence,and offence.

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