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I leveled my Garchomp from 90 to 91. I have pokerus.

I battled
- Kangeskan +4 Hp evs
- Mushrana +4hp evs
- exploid +6hp evs

  • Torkoal +4def evs
  • Skarmoary +4def evs

  • Stoutland +6atk Evs

The stats I gained from leveling were
+2 everything else

I calculated that I should have got
+0Sp def
+0SP atk

Where did I go wrong?

I'm sorry, bad wording on my answer to your previous question.

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ok, here is what you did wrong.
EV's do not add on when a Pokemon levels up. It adds on after you you get a certain amount of them, in this case, 4.
When leveling up, you still get +(insert random number here) for a stat, but EV's are like, enhancers for that stat. EV's let you boost the stat of a Pokemon.
But in conclusion, you dont add them up when you level up, you add them up after a certain ammount of EV's.

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