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How do I know exactly how many EVs my Pokemon have in total after training?
Sorry if this is a noobish question... ^-^''

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You Could try going onto Pokemon Showdown Teambuilser and rebulding your Pokemon e.g. Trait, IV's (if you know them) and then keep adding EV's Until The Stats match Up. and its not Noobish, If I took the Time to EV Train I would want to make sure I did I right. Hope this helps :D

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Not a noobish question but if your EV training you have to keep track of every single Pokemon you battle and also the EV ponits they give an it what stat (thats why only EV trained my 6 favorite Pokemon! XD)

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Ahahaha all the other pokemon are left out! *Joking* And yeah actually I do keep track of the Evs the pokemon give me :)