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Who knows? I don't think any of us can predict the future or works at GameFreak here. You'll have to ask GameFreak, and I doubt they'd answer you.

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No, I mean that Pidove is a copy of Pidgey, and Sudowoodo is a stick with a face.
And what the heck is up with the flag?! People shouldn't flag 'cause they are angry, and I didn't break the rules.
Well, maybe it's a Sudowoodo and / or Pidove lover.
I'm not a hater. I love them, especially Sudowoodo. I just think their designs were uncreative.
Let me see.... Screw those stupid birds and raging wanna-be tree!! :P
Hahaha XD
This is a funny conversation here.
And yes, I have thought of Mewthree before. I imagined it as a Mew with Mewtwo coloring or a Pink Mewtwo...
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it could exist in the future if they make it if that's what you mean but if you mean if there is one right now no it does not exist