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It's level 27 now, and knows Zen Headbutt, Psybeam, Hypnosis and Moonlight. It has a Careful Nature (Crraaap). I don't have a Moon Stone yet, but I may find one with my DOWSING MCHN.


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Well, you should use it when it learns Psychic, at Level 37. The other moves later that it are useless ingame: Stored Power, Telekinesis, and Dream Eater.

Moon Stones can be found on Route 6 and Giant Chasm.

Ok, cool, thanks!
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Level 17. When you can give it Moonlight. Or level 47 if you want to give it Stored Power. Both of these are competitive answers.

In terms of ingame, either evolve it ASAP or at level 19 so you can use Hypnosis to help catch wild Pokemon.

So evolve yours right now.

I don't think it's strong enough yet, and I do think that evolving it when it gets Psychic is a good idea.
And you get Psychic when the opposing Pokemon reach the High 40's.
Well, you can just get Psychic as a TM.
But his team should be around the high 40's by then, and Munna should have already learned Psychic.
Perhaps. Or perhaps not if he is doing the starter heavy training.
For all I know, he could be at the Elite 4 right now.
He didn't give all the relevent info I need to make a good answer.
So bad JCM, I should hide this question.
He's at Nimbasa. He told us on chat.
I believe you were on lol
o.o Muuuuhh? I said that I'm at Nimbasa! Oh, shoot, I didn't. My bad xD