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I’m playing Pokémon Emerald on my GBA SP, and wanted to know what the best time was to use a Water Stone to get Ludicolo? He is currently level 14 and knows ABSORB, NATURE POWER, ASTONISH, and GROWL.

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Surf, ice beam, and giga drain are all not level up moves, so just use the water stone whenever you get one.

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(Please note Lombre evolves with the Water Stone and not the leaf stone)

I'd personally say evolve at level 19. Lombre learns Fake Out at that level and the rest of the level-up learnset is either underwhelming, or comes too late.

EDIT: Fury Swipes, (25) Water Sport, (31) Thief, (37) and Uproar (43) aren't usefull. Hydro Pump (49) comes too late.

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first of all, use a water stone. the best level would be 25.

Can you explain why Fury Swipes is usefull?
I just thought that the level was nice, even and it is 1/4 of 100, the max level.
Fury swipes sucks
I know