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I was looking at some movesets that involve toxic and thunder wave ans such, and I thought: What if there was a fast Pokemon that could learn some of those moves and then just u-turn or switch out for another Pokemon?

So is there such a Pokemon? if so plz include movesets (don't worry ev's and such, I don't use those)

I meant put the status on the enemy pokemon and then high-tail it out of there...

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You can search for Pokemon that know a certain combo of moves here: http://pokemondb.net/tools/moveset-search

To answer the question, almost every Pokemon can learn Toxic for some reason, so there's a bunch of Pokemon that can abuse Toxic + U-Turn. There are a fair of Pokemon that can set Thunder Wave + U-Turn, but not as many as the amount that can use Toxic + U-Turn. Zapdos and Flygon are done good abusers of this as they both already use U-Turn well, and can easily build around U-Turn for a Toxic/Thinder Wave set.

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thnx fizzcube
No worries, glad to help ;D