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Do status moves care about types?
Will moves like Confuse Ray hit normal type Pokemons?
Will moves like Swagger, Endure, Endeavour hit ghost types?

Do all such moves care about types or few do?

If there is an exception for few moves than please explain that for what kind of moves the exception is?

Thank You!

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WoW won't work on fire types I don't think
Endeavor is not a status move.

1 Answer

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Some do, and yet some don't

Confuse Ray does hit Normal Types
Swagger hits Ghost Types
Endure doesn't touch opponents
Endeavor can't hit Ghosts
Thunder Wave can't hit Ground or Electric Types(in Gen 6)
Bestow hits Ghost Types
Captivate hits Ghost Types
Copycat affects Ghosts
Destiny Bond affects Normal Types
Disable affects Ghost Types
Electrify affects Ground Types
Encore affects Ghost Types
Flash affects Ghost Types
Foresight affects Ghost Types
Gastro Acid affects Steel Types
Glare affects Ghost Types
Growl affects Ghost Types
Grudge affects Normal Types
Heal Pulse affects Dark Types
Hypnosis affects Dark Types
Imprison affects Dark Types

Will add in more later