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So I was battling Starpower at Ubers just now, and my Palkia used Aura Sphere on her Darkrai. I was aggravated to see that Darkrai lived with 2% HP (which cost me the match, I might add), and even more so when I ran the damage calculations post-battle.

252SpAtk Life Orb Palkia (Neutral) Aura Sphere vs 0HP/4SpDef Darkrai (Neutral): 109% - 130% (308 - 366 HP). Guaranteed OHKO.

According to the calcs, it would be physically impossible for Darkrai to live, the only other conditions were Rain, which wouldn't make a difference. Light Screen was not up, so don't suggest that, and I am absolutely sure that is what happened. So the question is, how?

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Pure luck ;)
There is no luck about, you won thanks to an event that was physically impossible
Are you sure STarpower didn't run any SDef or HP Evs?
You ran Modest?
Ok, my bad, Palkia was running Timid, but that is still a garunteed OHKO . And Darkrai was running 252 SAtk, 4 SDef, 252 Spd
i had Focus Sash Darkrai outspeed Timid Choice Scarf Mewtwo..... after getting up 3 Nasty Plots. when I some how managed to come back wth Arceus from 2-5 and won 2-0 with Dialga my other still asleep

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Showdown tends to glitch on a regular occurances. I have witnessed this once when it didn't subtract damage properly and missed 5 HP.
Lets just say that you should rematch Starpower :P

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bug and fighting attacks are sometimes super effective on dark flying pokemon