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Shedinja's ability is very powerful,many have tried and failed to skill swap that onto a pokemon with better typing. Many Spiritomb and Sableye. But I figured something well for a double battle.

Shedinja can learn the move mimic. and he can copy one attack. What if my partner pokemon used conversion 2? That way I can start to copy attack types. Then If I have the pokemon attack shedinja, he will be immune to the move and not take damage, while I can copy a move and change his type to say, electric or normal (16 immunities.) After that, I can give him support moves like safeguard, follow me, magic coat, or even a weather blocking ability to cover him. It takes time to set up, but I have support moves to cover him, it's not really expected, so I can do it without the foe catching on. What do you think of this plan?

But i don't see the problem to lets say, if i were to have a double battle and start of with sableye and shedinja and then use role play to copy wonder guard? because you said many have tried and failed
well i guess it's banned for obvious reasons
I meant that several people have tried strategies to give wonder guard to Sableye and spiritomb.
Shedinja can't learn mimic!!!
That's just bullsh*t, it learns Mimic by Gen 3 Move Tutor.
Easy points!
You could do this:
Have a Pokemon use role play/ skill swap, then have shedinja mimic it. Then switch and shedinja can role play a sturdy Pokemon, like fortress. then you can toxic stall.

Edit: with slightly more research, I learned that Carbink has both sturdy and skill swap, so you could have an unkillable shedinja, and a tank, minimal -damage carbink that can set up stealth rocks, get rid of traps, and safeguard to prevent status. plus sunny day and access to explosion, which doesn't affect shedinja. then bring in pyukumuku with purify and rain dance, as well as a rocky helmet, and recover. absolute destruction

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DT, you're like a sly criminal: You know a way around ANYTHING. xD

Clefable, Porygon2, and Shedinja would work in PERFECT synergy together (I chose Porygon2 because of the better Defenses).

Porygon2 would activate Conversion2, and Shedinja would Mimic it. Let Shedinja do some damage, while Porygon2 activates Trick Room.

Porygon2 would switch out, and bring in Clefable. Clefable could use Follow Me to support Shedinja. Because of Magic Guard, any attempt to poison, burn, etc, Shedinja, would go to Clefable, and then be nullified.

Moonlight could be used when necessary, and if you aniticipate that someone will try to activate Sandstorm or Hail, then you can keep Sunny Day / Rain Dance handy, only for countering that. Finally, use Helping Hand to help Shedinja sweep, or put on Return or Meteor Mash, for damage.

In summary, this could work very well, but would only be a one-shot deal. This is the most practical thing I could come up with to match what you were saying. To top it off, I'll provide a quick overview of movesets:


X- Scissor
Swords Dance
Shadow Claw


Trick Room
Ice Beam


Follow Me
Sunny Day / Rain Dance
Helping Hand / Return / Meteor Mash

Hope I helped with this idea a little bit! Sorry this was so long. xD
EDIT: Okay, it seemed longer in the submission box. :P

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Thanks for the suggestions. I'm going to look around for other useful possibilities, test this out and see if it works well, then start using it in battles.
You could also hold items, don't forget that!
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The failing part: You aren't attacking the opponent and the opponent is attacking you and usually the opponent attacks the most dangerous pokemon.

The good part: It takes time to set up, but when you're set up, you will be the pokemon king for that battle.

Moveset: Mimic because of what you said.
Shadow Claw because of its psychic weakness.
X-Scissor to deal with Grass types.
And Endure or Protect to stall because of its low stats.

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I said I have follow me to draw fire away, and plenty of healing moves for the pokemon getting hit. (they have the defense for a few hits.)
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Beware: Eruption. It will still hit you even if you use follow me. Also, you may need to use safeguard quicker, or you will die. And your opponet will kill you faster than you can pull it off.

You're right. I need a way to protect my team from multi-target attacks.
no offense but it's called fainting
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Combining a pokemon like chansey or blissey who can learn skill swap from the tm in the fourth gen for a double battle would be an awesome combo then swapping out shedinja for another pokemon. After teaching chansey skill swap, move it up to black white for heal pulse at lvl 38
Chansey moves:
Softboiled / heal pulse
Metronome/ attack move
Block / heal bell
skill swap
Note: block and heal bell can be taught through the move tutor while metronome can be bred into chansey

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Please don’t say anything to this because it’s late...

May I suggest something? The strategy is great and all, the problem is you will need a Porygon for that. But you must’ve already gotten a Porygon, so I guess that’s nice.

So what I was wondering to suggest would be about using a Carbink with its Hidden Ability Sturdy, and make sure it has Skill Swap. This only works in double battles. Use Skill Swap on Shedinja. With Sturdy, Shedinja is almost invisible because Sturdy lets you live on ONE HP. So when Shedinja takes a hit, it doesn’t matter because it only has 1 HP anyways! That’s crazy! Plus, you can set up with Stealth Rocks if that strategy isn’t enough to amuse you. Of course, Shedinja is still susceptible to critical hits and one-hit KOs, but I believe that strategy works very well too.

Enough about that, on to your strategy. Now, it’s actually a great strategy and very fun to use. The problem is, Ground and Fighting types are quite popular in the meta, being able to counter five types each. Lots of immunities okay too. You can also run Air Balloon on Shedinja after converting into the Electric type, making you immune to Ground because the Air Balloon won’t Pop when hit by any move with a typing that isn’t Fire, Flying, Ghost, and Rock types. As for converting to the Normal type, I guess that kinda works. Just that you don’t really get any benefits for transforming into the Normal type, just that your weaknesses were now limited to Fighting. But that is a nice strategy overall, it does work. If only I could use something like that. :)

But he wants to use coversion 2, not sturdy.
Because you said “please don’t say anything” you think you can break the rules? I don’t think that’s how this site works, sorry. Necroposting is actually a problem, please don’t add to it.
You cannot use Skill Swap if either of the abilities involved in the swap is Wonder Guard, so this only works after you use a move like Worry Seed or Simple Beam to change Shedinja's regular ability into something much less protective of it, which can be swapped. Without triple battles anywhere in Alola, that's a lot harder to do.
Also you're dead if you get attacked anytime during this process. Which sane opponent won't try to attack you?