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I know that when you get Burned or Poisoned or Leech Seeded with Magic Guard you dont take damage. But does Magic Guard:

1.If you get Paralyzed will you still get the speed drop and the chance every turn that you dont get to move.
2. Does a burn still half your attack.
3. If a move is used to put you to sleep, will you fall asleep and not be able to move.


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All of these things will happen, Magic Gaurd makes the user immune to non-direct damage, so you would not be taking damage from a burn but it will halve your attack. Simple as that :)

Source #1: I have had my Magic Gaurd Alakazam get paralyzed and it got it's speed cut, that same Alakazam has also been put to sleep.

Prevents all indirect forms of damage, such as from weather, status, entry hazards, Curse, or Leech Seed. Recoil is prevented except for Struggle, including from Life Orb. Attack reduction from being burnt is not prevented, and moves such as Fire Spin will cause damage as normal. Magic Guard has no effect outside of battle. Self-inflicted HP loss, such as from Belly Drum, will still occur. The Pokemon can still hurt itself when confused and is not protected from Perish Song.

Source #2

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Thanks but i will need a source before i can BA :) hope you understand
I understand but think about it, it only prevents indirect **damage**, it doesnt say "completely negates all status ailments"
err i guess but its still nice to be sure
There ya go ;)
You're welcome :)
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i have seen questions like this,i have read the awnsers, and have tried it myself.
it all still works.